Fundraising Goals for 2023-2024 Season ($1,000 per Family)
As you know, running a non-profit youth sports program requires a lot of donated time and money!  Whether it is East Long Beach Pony, Los Altos, or travel ball, we have all donated our time and money to pay for the field permits, umpires, and tournament fees required to provide a great experience for our kids.
The same is true for Long Beach high school sports. For each 4-month season—Fall 2023 and Spring 2024—volunteer organizations like the Rams Baseball Boosters must raise approximately $35,000 per Season (or $70,000 per Year), to cover the following basic costs:
  • Coaching Stipends for a staff of (10) coaches across Varsity, Junior Varsity, and Freshman teams.
  • Equipment for practice and games.
  • Umpire, tournament, and game fees.
  • Administrative support for new website, communications platform, tax preparation, and other costs to run a non-profit organization.
  • Much, much, more!
We Need Your Help!
We do not charge a registration fee to play Millikan Baseball.  Instead, we rely on the good will of approximately (70) member families to raise the roughly $35,000 we need each season to provide a great 4-month experience.
In addition to covering our basic costs for the Fall and Spring seasons, the Rams Baseball Boosters are raising approximately $10,000 per season from family and friends through Snap Raise, surveys, and social events to cover one-time purchases such as our NEW Field Tractor ($6,000) in Spring 2022, and the Baseball Fence Covering project ($5,000) that was completed in advance of the Spring 2023 Season.
Give or Get Today.
If each of our member families donate or raise $1,000 each, we will easily reach our goal for the 2023-2024 Season.  You can donate online through your Team Snap account by clicking the link below:
Please make checks payable to:
  • Make Checks Payable to Rams Baseball Boosters
  • 6510 E. Spring Street, #267
  • Long Beach, CA 90815
  • Federal Tax ID Number: 46-1128991
Other Fundraisers
To reach our goal of $70,000 per year (or $35,000 per season), we must raise the additional funding through campaigns such as Amazon Smile, Snap Raise, Banner Advertising, and Bunco Night.
These campaigns help to raise approximately $20,000 per year (or $10,000 per season) to cover great one-time projects such as:
  • Over 200 Feet of Baseball Fence Covering with inspirational super graphics and Rams Baseball History.
  • New half-batting cage.
  • New medicine balls and workout equipment.
  • New Field Maintenance Tractor.
All of our costs for coaches stipends, uniforms, equipment, and field maintenance are covered by donations and sponsorships from our amazing volunteers, sponsors, and family members.  Thank you for your support of Millikan Rams Baseball!


Registered 501(c)3 Non-profit Organization

Federal Tax ID Number: 46-1128991

6510 E. Spring Street, #267

Long Beach, CA 90815